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13 km from Santa Caterina, Bormio is one of the most famous resorts in the Alps. It is rich in history and traditions and its historic centre preserves important artistic and cultural evidence.

We recommend a visit to the Museum, a day at the Bagni Nuovi and Bagni Vecchi thermal baths and shopping.

50 km from Santa Caterina, Livigno is the duty-free shopping town with its 250 stores and their best brands.

38 km from Santa Caterina, Grosio is well known for its ancient castle and rock carvings (more than 5,000 images carved into the rock). Guided tours and educational workshops are organized daily (by appointment).

59 km (through the Stelvio Pass) and 49 km (through the Umbrail pass) from Santa Caterina, Glorenza is often known as "the pearl of the Alta Val Venosta" and it is famous for its perfectly preserved city wall that dates back to  medieval times and its picturesque spots and charming early Gothic porches and facades.

Bernina Express
The Bernina Express is a little train that covers the distance from Tirano to the charming town of St. Moritz along a spectacular route that goes up nearly to the Morteratsch glacier and the Bernina, reaching 2253 meters of altitude.

Palazzo Salis
– 17th century - Tirano
The swiss noble Salis family can be regarded as one of the most important links between Valtellina and Graubuenden, in their centuries long and complex history and politics. The imponent Palazzo is just in the historical centre of Tirano and has been the main site of the family over 3 centuries. Completely restored in the past 20 years, Palazzo Salis is now open to public and it is possible to admire its court, many beautifully decorated rooms with frescoes, relevant original documents, the barock church and a hidden jewel : an italian style garden, a true rarety in the alpine area.

Valtellina nel cuore delle alpi

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